Blue Swirl is a refreshing take on the endless runner genre, it will test your ability to react fast to many obstacles. The deeper you go, the harder it'll get. You'll have to avoid sharks, many types of corals, randomly placed rocks, and even gigantic starfishes. There are many elements that will be always surprising you in this procedurally generated world!


The ocean is vast, deep and can be full of surprises, so the possibilities for a game in this setting are endless. We wanted to make a game related to it and an endless runner (swimmer) seemed like a great fit.


  • Amazing graphics with smooth performance in a refreshing experience
  • Infinite repeatability with its hundreds of different obstacles and each session procedurally generated
  • Can be both a relaxing experience and an intense challenge depending on where you reached, with a great matching soundtrack
  • Many achievements and challenges to complete
  • Compete with your friends and globally with leaderboards
  • Collect many skins that can randomly appear while playing


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Blue Swirl GameplayYouTube



About Rikzu Games

We are two passionate developers from Portugal that want to give you new experiences.
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Blue Swirl Credits

Ricardo Mendonça
Juliana Cortez
Josh Bakaimis