Leap: A Dragon's Adventure takes you to new beautiful worlds with many things to discover. In this platformer, you'll be able to control a cute dragon and experience different environments while facing many difficult obstacles. You'll feel the freezing winds of the north, the relaxing vibes of Japanese land, and many other amazing places accompanied by amazing matching soundtracks.


  • Amazing colorful and vivid graphics with smooth performance in a refreshing experience!
  • Many skins, eyes, and horns to customize your dragon the way you want!
  • Many achievements and challenges to complete!
  • Get the top high score on the leaderboards while competing with your friends or globally!
  • Get your favorite items in the daily store!
  • You can use powerups to help you reach undiscovered places!
  • Localized in 7 different languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French and Italian!


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About Rikzu Games

We are two passionate developers from Portugal that want to give you new experiences.
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Leap: A Dragon's Adventure Credits

Ricardo Mendonça
Owner, Rikzu Games
Juliana Cortez
Developer, Rikzu Games
Josh Bakaimis